10 things you (probably) didn’t know about ancient Egypt

Like many royal houses, members of the Ptolemaic dynasty often married within the family to preserve the purity of their bloodline. In keeping with this custom, Cleopatra eventually married both of her adolescent brothers, each of whom served as her ceremonial spouse and co-regent at different times during her reign. Roman propaganda painted Cleopatra as a debauched temptress who used her sex appeal as a political weapon, but she may have been more renowned for her intellect than her appearance. Coins with her portrait show her with manly features and a large, hooked nose, though some historians contend that she intentionally portrayed herself as masculine as a display of strength. Power grabs and murder plots were as much a Ptolemaic tradition as family marriage, and Cleopatra and her brothers and sisters were no different. Her first sibling-husband, Ptolemy XIII, ran her out of Egypt after she tried to take sole possession of the throne, and the pair later faced off in a civil war. Cleopatra regained the upper hand by teaming with Julius Caesar, and Ptolemy drowned in the Nile River after being defeated in battle. Following the war, Cleopatra remarried to her younger brother Ptolemy XIV, but she is believed to have had him murdered in a bid to make her son her co-ruler.

Crafty Cleopatra

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Introduces aspects of everyday life in ancient Egypt, explaining the gory details of how mummies were prepared and the basics of Egyptian arithmetic. Read more Read less. Shop now. Frequently bought together.

Max Osmanoglu. A special episode about the great Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, starring Kathryn Drysdale. Horrible Histories Kathryn Drysdale in Horrible Histories () Crafty Cleopatra Add Image Release Date: 29 June

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Cleopatra and the vibrator powered by bees

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Let’s tie the knot.

Frightful First World War. author. Deary, Terry. isbn. isbn asin. BR4OFYM. num pages. pp. avg rating. num ratings. 1, date pub.

No one knows what she looked like. Hypatia of Alexandria was a scholar, teacher, mathematician, philosopher and astronomer. She was the daughter of another intellectual, Theon of Alexandria, lived in the waning years of the Roman Empire and died in A. D…and the rest of the details of her life are a bit sketchy. They had to be puzzled together from the writings of others that reference her and a lot of puzzle pieces are still missing. Between the two rulers there was not only a great deal of time, but a great deal of change.

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Dating during Puritan times had some very strict rules. Young lovers had to be supervised at all times and though they were allowed to talk to each other, they had to do it using an eight foot tube! The Monarchs’ Song.

The new series of Horrible Histories has been on irresistible form, gloriously spoofing historical figures from Napoleon Bonaparte to Henry VIII.

One of the most far-fetched myths about ancient sexuality, repeated online but also in print, is that Cleopatra invented the vibrator. How do you have a vibrator without electricity? The Cleopatra story goes in a different direction: it claims that this device was either an empty gourd or a papyrus box , and it was powered by bees. However, no ancient source came up with this particular story. According to the letters, Cleopatra once went to a brothel where she slept with men in an evening, but she still left unsatisfied.

When she tried to remain chaste, she became very ill. The solution? It turns out to be an ointment for Mark Antony to use on himself, which will melt during intercourse; Cleopatra then has such astonishingly good sex that she becomes besotted with him and is no longer interested in other men. In the following — and final — letter, Soranus offers her a few more recipes and explains the structure of the female organs of generation, although readers may well feel that she knows quite enough about that already!

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The land of the pharaohs is famous for its huge pyramids, its bandaged mummies and its golden treasures. But how much do you really know about ancient Egypt? Was the Great Pyramid built by slaves? How did mummification work? Here, Egyptologist Joyce Tyldesley shares 10 lesser-known facts June 9, at am.

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(Original Air Date: February 21, ) (Patch TV Air Date: August 21, ) Stitch and Horrible histories – Cleopatra and Marc Anthony – YouTube on Vimeo.

Joke from Horrible Histories that nobody will get, but I love it. Horrible Histories cast. Horrible Histories. Based on the best-selling book series by Terry Deary, Horrible Histories is an energetic, surprising and unconventional take on history’s most gruesome, unpleasant yet funniest moments. Welcome to the home of Horrible Histories. Here you can watch episodes and clips, play games, and even sing along to your favourite Horrible Histories songs!

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About Episode Guide. Summary Kathryn Drysdale stars in an episode focusing on the life of the Egyptian queen, meeting her as she clashes with her brother, seizes power and hooks up with Roman leaders Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. Plus, the thoughts of famous Chinese philosopher Confucius, and the less glamorous side of life in Rome.

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British Broadcasting Corporation Home. She is celebrated for her beauty and her love affairs with the Roman warlords Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. Cleopatra was born in 69 BC – 68 BC. They were married, in keeping with Egyptian tradition. Whether she was as beautiful as was claimed, she was a highly intelligent woman and an astute politician, who brought prosperity and peace to a country that was bankrupt and split by civil war. Pompey fled to the Egyptian capital Alexandria, where he was murdered on the orders of Ptolemy.

Caesar followed and he and Cleopatra became lovers. Cleopatra, who had been exiled by her brother, was reinstalled as queen with Roman military support.

Horrible Histories; Cleopatra’s tangled family tree.

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